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Socially Inclined's goal is to teach businesses how to use social media to help their business grow. We have developed a way to learn, plan, manage and measure your social media strategy in one central location. - Social To-Do Lists - Social Media Training Courses - Member Only Insider Groups - Insider Discussions - Members Only Networking Profiles - Consulting Services - Concierge Services - Blogs- Social Media News- Social Media Expert Advice- Resources and Directories - Job Listings - and much more As social media grows, Socially Inclined will do so as well. We are dedicated to offering our users the most current social media news and trends.

I always love the material I get from Socially Inclined, it's very helpful to me in my business.


About Us

Julie Herndon

Owner & Founder

Making Social Media and Online Marketing Easier...

I have owned and operated a successful online marketing and web development company since 2004. I work with small and medium sized businesses to help grow their online presence through online advertising, social media marketing and web development.Clients frequently asked to create a do it yourself plan for businesses to follow for online marketing, branding and social media marketing.I decided the best way to accomplish this was to create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planners and training ebooks, guides and toolkits. I provide the resources and the plan and you do the work to make it succeed.I have watched many entrepreneurs transform their online business with online and social media marketing. The small daily tasks that I outline provide you with a strategy that turn into habits. That’s why I know it can work for you. This is what keeps me motivated to continue to produce planners that will help to propel your online and offline business.If you are interested in custom work I do accept requests. I love working with small business owners who are excited to learn and watch their business grow. I look forward to working with you!